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Sewing together a life of dignity with Karuna

Karuna works with the most vulnerable, marginalised and socio-economically disadvantaged communities in South Asia.

A key focus is on Dalit women who have to grapple with discrimination due to caste hierarchy and “untouchability” on the one hand and extreme poverty on the other.

Women Empowerment Initiative: Sewing

Skills development through sewing classes is a step for these disadvantaged women towards re-instating human dignity and self-esteem.

The sewing project educates and engages with the women in the following areas:

  • Teaching sewing of clothes
  • Providing business training skills
  • Support through local mentoring
  • Help to set up savings clubs
  • Social work intervention where necessary

What difference is it making to their lives?

  • Many of the women are able to sell what they sew and generate additional income for their families.
  • They are able to save money by making their own clothes for their families.
  • The choice to drop their children’s education over providing food for the family is quite common. Earning some extra money from the clothing they sell allows many mothers to continue sending their children to school.
  • Many women are saved from doing heavy manual labour since learning how to sew.
  • Families are less desperate to borrow money from Loan sharks.
  • Project co-ordinators are able to identify specific needs of the women and proactively provide them with the necessary social work support they need. For example, social workers often visit their homes to ensure that their respective husbands and in-laws understand what may often be seen as “breaking the traditional” and encourage them to understand and support these women.

Every woman that takes up the sewing class is taking up a new way of living.

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(Karuna is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘Compassionate Action Based on Wisdom’)